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Materials and Finishes

The difference between correct and in correct sealing, overall life of the seal, applications and limitations are all significantly linked to the choice of material used in the hydraulic system. Guarnitec offers an extensive range of standard and “tailor made” compounds that meet the demands of today’s increasingly complex market. There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing the correct sealing solution:
• Compression Set
• Hardness
• Ultimate Tensile Strength
• Ultimate Elongation
• Resilience
Once these parameters are set then you are ready to proceed in checking chemical compatibility, temperature range limits and storage & handling of materials. The following Material Specifications assist the user in proceeding to identify the correct material.

Surface Roughness

The roughness of the surface finish is defined by the maximum value of Ra which is taken from different points of the surface. The life expectancy of the sealing elements are to a great extent linked to the quality of the surface finish and so higher demands during production should be considered. The dynamic surfaces, those of importance when considering direct contact between seal and mating surface to be sealed, should be free of scratches, machining marks and abrasive particles.

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